Audits & Verification

Audits & Verification

Waste Audits

Whether you are complying with Ontario Provincial regulations, or establishing yourself as a progressive organization and green thinker, you’ll need independent verification of just how you are faring.

Working Knowledge is Ontario’s leader in conducting mandatory annual waste audits, and the required follow-up work plans.

  • Our audits not only document level of compliance, but the report identifies gaps with recommendations on how best to address these (reg 102/94 compliance).
  • We’ll help you develop an easily actionable work plan, including a source separation program (reg 103 compliance).
  • And to ensure your self-sustainability, we’ll conduct training for your staff to keep you on top of your waste management program.


Packaging Audits

Manufacturers of consumer goods not only have to comply with all other environmental regulations, but also need to include an annual packaging audit – and follow-up work plan (reg 104).

Working Knowledge will conduct an independent verification of your progress to your existing work plan, identifying gaps and making recommendations. Our training programs will help your team comply with confidence that they understand the regulations, requirements, and remedial actions.


Independent verification

If you’ve taken the step beyond compliance towards becoming a leader in green thinking, (Zero Waste, 3R, BOMA Best, LEED), then we can help you capture the attention and awards you deserve.

Independent verification of your waste management and environmental stewardship programs can show the world just how good you are.


Independent audits available include:

  • Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Packaging
  • Waste service provider due diligence
  • Other specific environmental compliance


Diversion Rate Verification

One of the key indicators of improved environmental performance is an increase in diversion rate. Waste that would have become landfill gets recycled, reduce and re-used.

Working Knowledge provides independent verification of your waste diversion rates – and our report identifies actionable areas for improvement.

We’ll help you identify:

  • Overall waste reduction
  • Source separation improvements
  • Landfill reduction
  • Re-cycling and re-use improvements

Download full details of our Waste Audits for Property Managers: