Award-Worthy Effort

Q: Why would a property manager want to do more than the bare minimum to comply with environmental and waste legislation?

A: Because the certificates and awards become marketing tools.

There are many businesses which slog through their routine, regulated waste audits, and then struggle with remedial work plans. Nothing about their approach is pro-active – or aimed at being the best. 

Property management rarely falls into this category. Maintaining occupancy and premium rent levels means being better. Awards and certificates announce to the world that you are better, and draw them in to see just how much your pro-active approach is indicative of your stance on every aspect of managing your building.

Green Building, BOMA Best and other similar awards proclaim superiority in an area which premium renters appreciate – quality of life.

The biggest difference between doing the minimum to comply, and award-worthy environmental and waste management programs is in caring. If you care about the results, and care to excel, it’s easy. When environmental concerns become a priority instead of a requirement (or worse, a nuisance), executing work plans which deliver best-in-class results can become the new routine.

Instead of merely undertaking a generic workplan, consider the benefits that come from looking further ahead – to increasing the appeal of your property.

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