Negotiating with Waste Haulers

We don’t get to negotiate with the City for the cost of waste and recycling removal, so we tend not to think of this as a variable rate service. But as a property manager, you have choices in selecting a waste hauler. This gives you the power to negotiate. In order to negotiate effectively, you […]

Certifications – Marketing Gold

It’s a competitive world. Consumer access to information means that 60% of all decisions are made before they talk to you. If you are a property manager trying to appeal to the best possible tenants, how do you take advantage of this? The marketing term is differentiation, but the easiest way to think of it […]

Work Plans for Building Staff

In Ontario, you are required (reg. 102/94) to have a work plan to follow up your mandated annual waste management audit. This work plan should address: Reporting, Gap analysis, Recommendations, Setting Objectives, Identifying aspects and impacts, Green procurement, Requirements training, & Implementation Training. Creating this is a job all by itself. Getting your staff onboard […]

Work Plans for Tenants

As a Property Manager, you can only be as effective at waste management as your tenants. While it can be difficult to control tenant behavior, there are some interesting ways to influence positive trends, and instigate change. Most building waste management work plans – required by law in Ontario (102/94) – focus on activities of […]

Waste Composition Knowledge is Power

We’ve mentioned recently how understanding the composition of waste generated in your building can be a huge boon to a Property Manager. It can help you better deal with waste haulers and processors. It can help you identify base building processes which can be effected for increased diversion and waste reduction. It can also help […]

Work Plans for Continuous Improvement

Ask any HR professional, and she will tell you that people work better with clearly defined goals. She will also likely say that most people are incentivized by the prospect of being better. It’s why “continual improvement” is a mantra for managing personnel. Well if you are a Property Manager running a building, “continual improvement” […]

Vetting Haulers and Processors

For property managers, one of the great benefits to conducting a comprehensive waste audit, benchmarking the various types of waste produced, is that it can take away the guesswork when dealing with waste haulers and processors. Typically, they will ballpark the amount of waste you will process or haul, and then report back on actuals. […]

It's All in the Details

One of the biggest challenges Property Managers face in trying to achieve waste reductions, is knowing where to start. There is only so much headway to be made with processes and monitoring at a macro level. There are two ways to get a lot more detail on the sources and volumes of waste, which allow […]

Getting Tenants on Board for Awards

Applications for environmental awards for office buildings are now being accepted, and it seems like a good time to talk about one of the overlooked but crucial factors in achieving these: tenant communications.  As a property manager, the fact is you don’t control every aspect of your destiny. Regardless of the effort you put into […]

Award-Worthy Effort

Q: Why would a property manager want to do more than the bare minimum to comply with environmental and waste legislation? A: Because the certificates and awards become marketing tools. There are many businesses which slog through their routine, regulated waste audits, and then struggle with remedial work plans. Nothing about their approach is pro-active – or […]