Environmental Management Systems

To be as clean and green as you’d like goes beyond simply knowing what to do and then doing it. Any EMS will focus on documentation that tracks the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. It will start with an environmental policy, and then layer in the processes, checks and balances to ensure compliance with that policy.

The goals are both compliance, and waste reduction, in an environment of continuous improvement.

The most common EMS framework is ISO 14001, and this serves as the basis for other systems and programs such as Zero Waste and the Ontario Recycling Council’s 3R certification. It’s even possible to create your own cut-down version of an EMS, when you want the accountability, but don’t necessarily need to be accredited.

Working Knowledge was founded to help organizations plan and implement Environmental Management Systems. We take you through an initial gap analysis of current processes, to help formulate the plan you need. We’ll train your people on every aspect of your EMS, and help them implement the program. We’ll conduct an independent audit – before you certify to identify any last minute requirements. And then we’ll hold your hand through certification.