ISO 14001


Working Knowledge was founded to help organizations plan and implement ISO 14001. We take you through an initial gap analysis of current processes, to help formulate the plan you need. We’ll train your people on every aspect of your ISO procedures & reporting, and help them implement the program.


If you are implementing ISO 14001, you will want to train the appropriate teams in both program awareness, and in the processes and reporting procedures. This can be vastly different for operational, maintenance, administrative and management personnel.

ISO 14001 training includes:

  • ISO 14001 awareness
  • Process development
  • Reporting & documentation procedures
  • Internal auditor
  • Executor understanding
  • EMS implementation
  • Aspects and impacts
  • Handling non-conformity


Before you certify, Working Knowledge will conduct an independent audit to identify areas of non-compliance. We’re tough – way tougher than most ISO auditors – and we guarantee that if you pass us, you will be certified.

Once we’ve identified and documented areas of non-compliance, or gaps in your procedures, we’ll work with you to implement our recommendations, and get you ready for the official audit.


For us, this is the easy part. We’ve taken you through all the necessary steps, and double-checked that you are ready to certify. This is just getting it done, and making you officially ISO 14001 certified.