Waste means money lost in manufacturing. Effective systems and processes are your mainstay. Working Knowledge can help you design and implement those systems and process, and be a regular part of their execution as well.

ISO 14001 certification is the Environmental Management System you’ll likely be considering. We were founded to help plan and implement EMS. Check out the ISO 14001 page for full details.

Standard legislative requirements for this sector include annual waste audits and work plans. If you manufacture food, beverage, chemical or consumer goods, then packaging audits and workplans are also required.

Chemical handling and processing can require subject waste management compliance (reg 347/90).

And Transport Canada may want to certify you for transport of dangerous goods

Working Knowledge understands the manufacturing sector needs for environmental policy, implementation and compliance. We offer training programs for every level of your organization, in conceptual overview, policy implementation, process development & documentation, and self-audits.

Working Knowledge can partner with you at every step along the journey.