Meet the Wizard of EMAS

So your munchkins found ISO14001 a breezy walk, and want to take your organization further down the green brick road. Meet the Wizard of EMAS.

EMAS is Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, developed more than 20 years ago by the European Commission. It enables organizations to assess, manage and continuously improve their environmental performance. It also encompasses everything in ISO14001, to ensure these certifications and systems are aligned.

In order to achieve EMAS certifications, you need these environmental elements:
• Review
• Policy
• Program
• Audit
• Comprehensive Statement

The benefits are numerous, and are largely tied to establishment of key performance indicators (KPIs). Your performance can be reviewed and tracked continually. You can measure both against your own goals, and competitive standards. Consistent and comprehensive monitoring means easy communication of policies, practices and results to staff, investors, media and any other stakeholders.

EMAS is peerless for risk management, as it provides proof of excellence, and transparency. So take a look further down that green brick road, and decide if you want to meet – or be the wizard.

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