Negotiating with Waste Haulers

We don’t get to negotiate with the City for the cost of waste and recycling removal, so we tend not to think of this as a variable rate service. But as a property manager, you have choices in selecting a waste hauler. This gives you the power to negotiate.

In order to negotiate effectively, you need to know what kind of waste you produce, how frequently, in what quantity, and what kind of variance you have from these “norms”.

The key to gaining this knowledge is by benchmarking your waste production – a program of regularly measuring each of these attributes. Having established benchmarks, you just need to compare to these periodically to see if you are on track, or need to adjust your waste management program or profile.

Understanding your mix of recyclables vs waste can be a tremendous negotiating tool, and eliminate sort fees. A firm benchmark and variance means you can pinpoint to your hauler how much waste to transport, and how frequently. You don’t have to pay for more frequent service than you need. And you don’t have to accept a “blanket” range of 200-400 kg if you regularly need only 170-180 kg.

As always, knowledge is power, and you can control the frequency, limits and mix of your waste hauling – without paying for service you don’t ever use.

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