Property Management

Property Management

As a property Manager, you will need to have a sustainability plan. You must undergo annual waste audits, and prepare a follow-up work plan. You need for all of this to be speedily implemented, and hassle-free. Independent waste audits and continuous improvement work plans have been our specialty for more than fifteen years.

Potential tenants are always looking for indications of a well-managed building, and your accreditations, certificates and awards become selling features.

Working Knowledge understands property management requirements, legislation, and infrastructure. We can help manage that knowledge transfer to your staff through training programs, seminars and work plans on:

  • Understanding of requirements
  • Source separation
  • Day-to-day waste management operations
  • Cleaner training
  • Emergency/Spill Response Procedures
  • Hazardous waste management & manifesting
  • Self-audits

We can create lunch’n’learn programs for your team to review basic requirements and procedures.

Working Knowledge can audit your waste services provider, to provide you with due diligence data for the selection and management of these services.

Download full details of our Waste Audits for Property Managers: