Waste Composition Knowledge is Power

We’ve mentioned recently how understanding the composition of waste generated in your building can be a huge boon to a Property Manager. It can help you better deal with waste haulers and processors.

It can help you identify base building processes which can be effected for increased diversion and waste reduction. It can also help you identify waste production and composition that seems to be out of your control – that of your tenants.

But knowledge is power, and with this power you can better manage the situation. A simple solution is to pass along to tenants costs associated with any waste production that’s above normal. And normal can be clearly identified with the benchmarks produced in a comprehensive audit.

While this can provide some financial relief, it doesn’t address your inability to reduce/divert their waste. However, this tactic gives you a lever for helping influence their behavior. You’ve provided a carrot (which they may view as the stick to start!) of potential cost reduction. Now, by offering to help train their personnel in waste reduction/diversion in a personalized program which directly addresses their particular issues, you are seen as an invested partner in their success.

Managing by influence is always more difficult than by mandate. But your ability to influence is greatly increased by knowledge. Make certain you have that knowledge, so you can start to gain control where you thought you had little.

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