Work Plans for Building Staff

In Ontario, you are required (reg. 102/94) to have a work plan to follow up your mandated annual waste management audit. This work plan should address: Reporting, Gap analysis, Recommendations, Setting Objectives, Identifying aspects and impacts, Green procurement, Requirements training, & Implementation Training.

Creating this is a job all by itself. Getting your staff onboard is a necessity to ensure meeting your goals, but we’ve seen too many buildings assume that the staff would just ‘make it happen’. You can guess the usual outcome.

As a property manager, you need to enable your team to succeed. We have three main recommendations for this:
1) Host an information session to educate on the status, and desired progress
2) Train appropriate staff in the methods of achieving these goals
3) Recognize both superior individual, and team performance.

Buy-in is critical to success in almost every team environment. By clearly defining the goals, providing the tools & knowledge to achieve these, and recognizing excellence, you empower your building staff. Oh, and meet Work Plan goals to keep next year’s auditor happy.

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