Work Plans for Continuous Improvement

Ask any HR professional, and she will tell you that people work better with clearly defined goals. She will also likely say that most people are incentivized by the prospect of being better. It’s why “continual improvement” is a mantra for managing personnel.

Well if you are a Property Manager running a building, “continual improvement” can mean just as much to you. You are always looking for ways to be better, and an environmental work plan which builds in continual improvement can help you achieve that goal. It will clearly outline for building staff/tenants what expectations are. It will advise them on how to reach these goals.

Setting attainable environmental and waste reduction goals is key to getting personnel on-board with your waste reduction program. Telling them how to achieve these goals takes away excuses, and sets the bar at success.

Achieving your waste reduction goals is cause for celebration. By monitoring progress against your environmental work plan, and letting everyone know just how well they are doing, you can make all participants understand how much difference they make in contributing to a better building and work environment.

And continual improvement doesn’t look bad on your balance sheet either!

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